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Portable power station

  • 500W Portable Powered Station
500W Portable Powered Station

500W Portable Powered Station

  • Pure Sine Wave
  • Lithium battery
  • portable power station for camping
  • Product description: Mini portable power station for camping cheap wholesale from China sunwind power station manufacturer,custom logo and battery capacity available for wholesalers and distributors

500W portable power station for camping

Charging Methods

The power station can be charged through regular household current, vehicle car charger and solar panel, breaking the limitation of time and space.


Mini power station TECHNICAL DATA
Model No. : PPS200500
Output Capacity Rated : 500W
Max : 1000W
Voltage DC12V : DC12/10A
USB(4Paorts) : DC5V/6.2A
Cigarette Lither : DC12/7A
AC Socket : AC100-240V
Output Waveform : Pure Sine Wave
LED Lighting Power : 1 Watt
Battery Type : Lithium
Amper : 78000mAH
Voltage : 12V
Charging AC : AC100-240V
Solar : DC12V
Ambiment Temperature : -40℃~ +70
Dimension : 300*150*155mm
Weight : 3.2kgs
Warranty : 3 Years(Battery 1 Year)
Suitable for Camping,Fishing,Etc.
>Multiple Voltages Connectors Available
>Multiple Charging Available
>Overcharging Prevention
>Lamp On/Off,DC Output Switch;AC Output Switch.
>PTC FUSE(PTC Recoverable Fuse)
>Overload Prevention
>Battey Volume/AC Charing/Solar Charging Indicators
500W Portable Power Station
DC Cable(Pin 5.5*2.1mm)
Car Charing Cable(Pin 5.5*2.1mm)
DC Adapter Cable(Pin 5.5*2.1mm)
User Manual

EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY - The power station is not only suitable for indoor emergencies but also perfect for outdoor use, providing safe, clean power to meet your different requirements; With LED lights, you can easily turn on the switch for emergency lighting; A necessary tool when camping or for outdoor gatherings

MULTIPLE USES - Equipped with 3 different outlets: AC outlet, DC outlet and USB outlet; AC outlet features 110V/60Hz, suitable for low-power appliances (≤500W), such as computers, ice makers, air coolers, etc.; The DC outlet is 12V, which can be used for car refrigerators and sound equipment; The USB outlet features 2*3.0A fast-charging and 2*2.0A charging ports so it can charge phones, iPads, cameras, fans or lights simultaneously

EXCELLENT PERFORMANCE - A large capacity generator of 288WH/78000mA, all needs can be satisfied in an emergency; Make sure power is available for anyone, no matter what the weather is; Compact and lightweight in size, this generator is easy for anyone to carry.

PROTECTION FUNCTION - Designed with overload protection, overheating protection, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, overcharge protection, and short circuit protection for safe use, you’ll be able to use this generator without worry; Built-in radiator fan for excellent heat dissipation.

CHARGING MODES - 3 charging modes that can adapt to your needs: Charged through regular household current (100~240V/50/60Hz), a vehicle car charger (DC12V), or a 100~250W solar panel (Not Included); All are supported for charging the generator with 9~17V; Comes with DC Cable (pin 5.5x2.1mm), Car Charging Cable (pin 5.5x2.1mm), AC Adapter Cable (pin 5.5x2.1mm)

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