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  • Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 8000W
Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 8000W

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 8000W

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  • Pure Sine Wave inverter
  • Product description: 8000w pure sine wave power inverters China supplier offer OEM/ODM for difference capacity power,such 4000w,5000w,6000w as your order request,100% quality guarantee

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 8000W

Description: Pure sine wave inverter is a device that converts electricity from DC to AC. It produces safe power and protects the most sensitive electronics from overflow current or heating issues. The inverter is mostly used for televisions, laptops, microwaves, and other electronic devices. It can supply power to any AC device without any bad impact. . The inverter is protected against Overload, overheating issues, and high/low power supply voltage. Besides, the LED display shows a user the condition of power supply and operating mode. . Its extensive IPS LCD offers a user many functions and easily operate buttons, for example, cell charging support and control input voltage on various applications.


*The inverter is specially customized for supply power about 48V to 110V/220VAC (Optional) or 220VAC, and continuous output power is 8000W. It can pass a high-quality signal with a little distortion. Maximum AC Charge Current and Maximum Solar Charge are about 50A. An adjustable power supply option is included in the LCD menu (50 or 60HZ).

*The battery power supply is adjustable. One can set a custom power supply type for reducing overflow voltage. This feature can prevent damage to the overall components and equipment. There is also included high/low voltage protection, overheating issue protection, the Overload of power supply protection, short circuit security alarm, etc. Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection makes the inverter special.

*It also has high-performing thermal control cooling fans that help to remain the inverter controlling at a minimum temperature. It keeps the inverter at a minimum temperature. When the inverter temperature is over 50 degrees, then the cooling fan will be running automatically. It is capable of a safe power supply to operate household electronic devices without any risk.

*The Pure sine wave inverter is also customized with auto-start technology. When the battery voltage is too low, it can start up automatically. After receiving a low battery voltage alarm, the inverter can pass the signal to the generator for staring up and turn off the generator when the battery fully charges. The automatic Gen Start facilities will only happen with a customized generator that can work with these facilities.

*The inverter is built-in high safety protection equipment such as premium grade copper conductor and strong aluminum alloy shell. A high-grade copper conductor ensures a stable waveform and fluently AC output.

N.B: Manmaicha China Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter supplier offer cheap wholesale directly from factory to support our customers. We have different capacity inverter to fulfill customer’s demand. We also accept custom order. For any query, fell free to contact us.

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