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  • Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 6000W
Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 6000W

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 6000W

  • 24V/48V input voltage
  • 6000w Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter
  • 5000w Power Inverter
  • 4000w Power Inverter
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Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 6000W

Description: Pure sine wave power inverter is one kind of all in one inverter. The inverter has solar charging support, cell optimization, power inverter, and UPS support, hanging on walls indoor or outdoor. Along with different functional inverters, one can pass electricity for household or official devices, for example, coffee makers, refrigerators, air conditioners, dishwashers, and large official devices. It is easy to use for its rigid customized design. For this advantage, one can use this inverter for a long time by following the safety rules.


*Pure Sine Wave: This inverter series is a mixer of an extraordinary inverter support, battery charging system, and auto alternative current transfer switch. The Input voltage of Pure Sine Wave Inverter 2000W is 24V/48V, and the Nominal Voltage is 110V/120V (Optional) or 220V/230VAC. Besides, the Nominal Frequency is 50HZ/60HZ (Optional). The output peak power is almost 6000W. The special function of this inverter is Battery Reverse Polarity Protection. Maximum AC Charge current is 40A/50A, and Maximum Solar Charge (PWM) is 50A. It also has a minimum amount of frequency, optimizes low voltage current, and remote control support.

*Optimize able Charging Current: The maximum amount of charge electricity can be modified from 0% to 100% along with a liner indicator switch. This will also be useful if one can use a powerful charger on a low-quality battery power bank. The liner indicating switch can usefully bring down the maximum charging electricity to 25% of its vertex. By choosing "0" one can disable the battery charging function.

*AC/Battery Priority: The inverter is specially customized with Alternative Current importance by default. Firstly the battery of the inverter will be charged when an alternating current is present. Then the inverter will pass AC to operate devices. One can easily change or customize AC or Battery priority. If one can choose battery priority, then the inverter inverts power from the battery despite AC input.

*Automatic Start Support: The inverter is customized with auto-start technology. When the battery voltage is too low, then it can start up automatically. After receiving a low battery voltage alarm, the inverter can pass the signal to the generator for staring up and turn off the generator when the battery fully charges. The automatic Gen Start facilities will only happen with a customized generator that can work with these facilities.

Protections: There are different types of protection are included in pure sine wave inverter. Some of them are over voltage-current protection when AC input, low voltage current protection when AC input, Startup alarm when battery critically low, the high battery uses alarm, advance cooling system support, extra layer protection against short circuit, etc. There is also advance back-feeding support for more protection.

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