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Power inverter

  • 3000W Power inverter
3000W Power inverter

3000W Power inverter

  • Power inverter 3000w
  • 12V/24V/48V
  • High Frequency Pure Sine Wave
  • Product description: this is our latest hotsale power inverter,before this style best seller is 1000W power inverters,most of important factor is our stable quality.

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 3000W





Input Voltage





Nominal Voltage

110V/120V (Optional) or 220V/230VAC

Nominal Frequency

50 / 60HZ (Can be adjusted in LCD menu)

Output Wave Form

High Frequency Pure Sine Wave

Output Continues Power





Power Factor





Max AC Charge Current





MAX Charge Current (PWM)





Product Advantage

Special Function 1

Battery Reverse Polarity Protection

Special Function 2

Adjustable Solar / AC priority in the LCD Menu

Special Function 3

Adjustable Output frequency in the LCD Menu(50 or 60HZ)

Special Function 4

Bypass Button

Special Function (Customized)

Description: Pure sine wave 3000W power inverters give excellent pure sine wave outputs that operate the simple household devices' power supply. These inverters are ideal for sensitive electronic devices which can produce power supply to the long-range of equipment. For minimum power supply security alarm, users can conscious about high/low power supply issues. The inverter can perform an auto shut down feature when the battery will be running critically low voltage. The inverter is protected against Overload, overheating issues, and high/low power supply voltage.


*The Input voltage of Pure Sine Wave Inverter is 12V/24V/48V, and the Nominal Voltage is 110V/120V (Optional) or 220V/230VAC. Besides, the Nominal Frequency is 50HZ/60HZ (Optional). It is a high-frequency pure Sine Wave 3000W Power Inverter. The Output continuous power is almost 3000W. The special function of the inverter is Battery Reverse Polarity Protection. Moreover, it is so helpful for continuous power supply in day to day uses. Besides, Max AC Charge Current is 20A/30A, and Max Charge Current (PWM) is 30A. It also has an adjustable output voltage option in the LCD and Bypass Button.

*The specialty of this inverter is built-in overload power supply protection against DC input and AC output. There is also included high/low voltage protection, overheating issue protection, the Overload of power supply protection, short circuit alarm, etc.

*There are also high-speed thermal auto-generate cooling fans for controlling temperature. It keeps the inverter running at a minimum temperature. When the temperature of the inverter exceeds 50 degrees, then the cooling fan will start up automatically. Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection makes the inverter special.

*Thick PCB support makes the electricity supply effusively on the circuit; for this, it can optimize low/high voltage power supply capacity. A high-quality transformer can ensure stable and continuous AC output. It can provide power continuously for up to 12 hours. The inverter can supply spread a wide range of support at a single time, such as mobile phones, television, digital cameras, rice cockers, stereos, and VCRs and different types of devices.

*Some of the security protections are startup alarm when battery critically low, the high battery uses alarm, advanced cooling system support, extra layer protection against short circuit, etc. After receiving a low battery voltage alarm, the inverter can pass the signal to the generator for starting up and turn off the generator when the battery fully charges. The automatic Gen Start facilities will only happen with a customized generator that can work with these facilities.

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