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  • Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000w
  • Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000w
Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000wPure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000w

Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter 2000w

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  • Product description: This 2000W pure sine wave power inverter with different capacity to meet different client's demand,othe capacity is 1000w and 3000w,accept custom OEM/ODM orders

Pure sine wave power inverter 2000W

Description: Pure sine wave inverter is used as a multi-purpose inverter, Continuous power support, and a collaborate function of battery support with portable size. Its extensive IPS LCD offers a user many functions and easily operates buttons, for example, cell charging support and control input voltage on various applications.

The ultimate adding of the solar system, 2000W pure sine wave inverter, reacts like DC to AC power converter, which permits a user to operate one's household devices for a cabin or van. This 2000W inverter can control reliable electricity and trouble-free to work electronic devices like fans, lights, tools without any conflict. Many household devices need 12V power for regular use, and this device provides multiple protections to run carefully and fluently.



*The Input voltage of Pure Sine Wave Inverter 2000W is 12V/24V/48V, and the Nominal Voltage is 110V/120V (Optional) or 220V/230VAC. Besides, the Nominal Frequency is 50HZ/60HZ (Optional). The output peak power is almost 2000W. The special function of this inverter is Battery Reverse Polarity Protection. Maximum AC Charge current is 12.5A/20A/30A, and Maximum Solar Charge (PWM) is 50A.

*Smart LCD setting is one kind of positive side of this inverter. It can show us the working modes of every single time, the voltage of electricity, electricity voltage, etc. Merging solar system, benefits of DC to AC and confirm to supply electricity continuously.

*Pure sine wave inverter can operate various operations like basic Grid-tie, Off-Grid, Grid-Interactive, etc. It offers outstanding waveform with a little corresponding deformation.

*It has USB support and an RS485 monitoring system with an advanced technology controller. It also has high-performing thermal control cooling fans that help retain the inverter controlling at a minimum temperature.

*Remote monitoring system (Optional) and Ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection are also included. It can control the Overload of electricity, deep discharge safety, and high voltage protection support with cold start function.

*It is designed with a strong aluminum alloy shell with high safety protection and customized for all electrical applications. The high-grade copper conductor can clarify the waveform and make sure without any distortion AC output.

N.B: Manmaicha China Pure Sine Wave Power Inverter supplier offer cheap wholesale directly from factory to support our customers. We have different capacity inverter to fulfill customer’s demand. We also accept custom order. For any query, fell free to contact us.

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