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  • 1200W power inverter
  • 1200W power inverter
1200W power inverter 1200W power inverter

1200W power inverter

  • Product description: Modified Sine Wave Inverter 1200W

Modified Sine Wave Inverter 1200W

Description: This Modified Sine Wave inverter is easy to use for its rigid customized design. It has power inverter features, cell optimization, solar charging support, and UPS support, which can be hung easily on the wall indoors or outdoors. One can pass electricity easily by using these inverters for household or official electronic devices, for example, coffee makers, televisions, DVD/projector, dishwasher, and other official devices. For these advantages, one can use this inverter for a long time by following the safety rules.


*Modified Sine Wave: This inverter series has a mixer of an extraordinary inverter support, battery charging system, and auto alternative current transfer switch. The Input voltage of the Modified Sine Wave Inverter 1200W is 12V/24V/48V/60V, and the Nominal Voltage is 110V/120V (Optional) or 220V/230VAC. Besides, the Nominal Frequency is 50HZ/60HZ (Optional). The output peak power of this inverter is almost 1200W. The unique function is Battery Reverse Polarity Protection. The inverter can release the Modified Sine Wave. It also has a minimum amount of frequency, optimizes low voltage current, and remote control support. This inverter's specialty is MCU Intelligence Control, which can protect the inverter from the Overload of current.

*Optimize able Charging Support: The Inverter has a linear indicator switch that indicates the power supply condition. It will also be useful if one can use a powerful charger on a low-quality battery power bank. By choosing "0" one can disable the battery charging function.

*AC/Battery Priority: The inverter is specially customized with Alternative Current priority by default. . If one can choose battery priority, then the inverter inverts power from the battery despite AC input. One can easily change or customize AC or Battery priority.

*Automatic Start Support: The inverter is customized with auto-start technology; when the battery voltage is too low, then it can start up automatically. After receiving a low battery voltage alarm, the inverter can pass the signal to the generator for staring up and turn off the generator when the battery fully charges. The automatic Gen Start facilities will only happen with a customized generator that can work with these facilities.

* Protections: The inverter can control the Overload of electricity, deep discharge safety, and high voltage protection support with cold start function. It is specially designed by different layers of strong aluminum alloy shell with highly safety protection and customized for all sensitive electrical appliances. The high-grade copper conductor can clarify the waveform and ensure without any distortion AC output.

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