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Sunwind, China’s Reputed Solar Station Factory Presents Portable Solar Power Station

Sunwind, China’s Reputed Solar Station Factory Presents Portable Solar Power Station

Sleek Design Perfect for Home and Office Use. Charge Phones, Cameras, Routers, Car Refrigerators, Laptops and PCs

GUANGDONG, CHINA - 29th December 2020 – Sunwind Power Inverter, leading solar power station manufacturer is pleased to present the all-new sleek solar power station 500W. This portable inverter is backed by Pure Sine Wave and operates on lithium battery. This is an emergency power bank which can be used for charging devices such as phones, cameras, routers, car refrigerators, laptops, PCs and many more. Perfect for home and office use, this sleek piece of equipment is a real winner. While phones and cameras can be connected via USB ports, a router can be connected via DC12V and the car refrigerator with a 12V 7A port. Laptops, PCs and large household appliances can be connected via AC110V-output.

The portable solar power station 500W also comes with an in-built LED lamp/ flashlight. It is perfect for outdoor use, fishing, hiking and camping trips. The power station can be charged with regular household power or a vehicle car charger or a solar panel. The key features of the portable solar power inverter are: multiple voltages connectors, multiple charging ports, overcharging prevention feature, lamp on/off output switch, AC output switch; PTC Fuse; Overload prevention; battery volume; AC charging and solar charging indicators.

Sunwind Power Inverter, leading solar power station manufacturer is known for their innovative solutions across the photovoltaic applications. All the products manufactured here have passed SAA, CE, SONCAP Certificate and ISO 9001 quality certificate. The company is one of the authorized suppliers in the country with over US$100 million in sales volume with special focus on solar power stations and inverters. Apart from the portable power stations, the store also offers power inverters, solar inverter chargers, and solar charge controllers.  While the solar power station 500W is for small appliances and devices, there are others which can be used for larger appliances. Visit the site to browse for more models.

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Sunwind Power Inverter based at Shenzhen, China is a solar power station manufacturer that specializes in R&D, manufacturing and distribution of photovoltaic (PV) inverters, inverter generator, power inverter, solar charge controller, solar battery and other solar products. The solar power station factory was established in 2015 and over 260 workers produce around 6 million pieces every year in the 10,000 square meter facility.


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